I Should Say Something About The Weather

This morning, the sun was shining. This afternoon, we had sleet. This evening, there is snow. Belgium is the country with foru seasons, all in the same day. Sometimes all at once.

The demonstration I just wrote about took place just as the sleet started blessing us. There we were, journalists, activists and ministers, equally soaked and frozen, while trying to communicate about chicken cages (the demonstration was against holding chicken in small cages without any chicken-friendly furniture in them. I actually asked the Swedish Agriculture Minister, pointing to the precipitation, “so this is what you want to force the poor chickens out into, when they can stay nice and warm in their cages indoors??”, but I didn’t get much of a reply to that.)

I used to complain to myself (and anybody else who could be bothered to at least pretend to listen) that the weather reports on VRT (the Flemish public service TV) were, and are, always very thorough, very lengthy, very pedagogical, and very wrong. But then I’ve reliased that they’re usually correct some time during the day, if so for only five minutes.

At least, I’m happy to have resisted my impulse this morning to leave my winter jacket at home.

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