Finally, The Police Arrived…

…but not to deal with the break-in in my car as it was parked behind a police station recently. Instead, a police officer just visited us to establish that we actually live here, all four of us; after the Belgian Home Ministry had asked them to do so.

We moved here in August 2004, and were visited some time later by a police officer with the same question, as is customary here. However, now they’re suddenly checking us up again, with questions we have already answered.

I put it nicely to the police officer that it was quite an absurd situation, where you’ll have yor car burgled behind a police station where they can’t even file the subsequent report of the crime but has to call in colleagues from somewhere else, while there are policemen enough to go around checking information that has already been submitted three years ago.

“I agree”, he said, “but I’m only doing my job”.

I accept that. As I have come to reconcile myself with the thought that the car break-in complaint will probably be properly filed some time around 2010.

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