Great News!

The three public transport bodies in Belgium have agreed to introduce one single card, that will entitle to travels on all oublic transport in the entire country. Now that’s great news, and something that a number of other countries have yet to even think of!

That means that I can actually take the bus that stops some 300 metres from my doorstep to the metro some three kilometres away, without having to buy two tickets. That is in theory the case today (although you can go around it if you remember to buy Brussels public transport tickets in advance, because you can use them on the Flemish buses in the outskirts of Brussels, whereas the Flemish bus tickets are not valid on Brussels buses, trams or metro trains.)

The only catch is that this new unified ticket is to be introduced “towards 2010”.


That means it will probably take another 20 years or so until it actually works. Nice idea though.


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