Please, Mr. Postman

It seems as if the mail strikes in Ghent have finally come to an end. And as predicted, they now have a truckload of mail to deliver, giving them an even worse workload, the protest against which was the reason why they went on strike in the first place.

Actually, so much undelivered mail has piled up that the Ghent postal service has had to take on no less than 40 extra temporary staff to clear the backlog.

Seems like it would have been a better deal for all involved to agree peacefully before it went to industrial action.


2 Responses to “Please, Mr. Postman”

  1. Helgi Says:

    Maybe they were just waiting for you to slip someone a 20 euro bill or two…

    Always enjoy reading your site, especially because you so diligently update it!
    God bless you guys, and let me know when you’ve written your version of the left behind books, “from the EU’s inner most circle…” if you could tell people you printed it from the “beasts” printer it would probably sell more!

    Perhaps, religious consumerism is more the beast than the EU?


  2. jonathan Says:

    I’ll say Amen To That.

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