Chasing Bread

Today, I’ll spend some time chasing after bread. Not the usual dough I get into my bank account, that is, but real bread as opposed to the fluffy stuff people eat around here.

That’s one of the most troublesome things I know when it comes to food and drink here in Belgium: the total lack of proper bread. Which isn’t unique to Belgium, I quickly add: in most of the Western world, the idea of stuffing your mouth full of white, fluffy, dry, inflated cotton-like “bread” is a seriously bad habit that is contributing to generally poor health – a bad habit that is quickly spreading in developing parts of the world as well.

Being brought up in Scandinavia, I have happily adopted Baltic bread concepts and want my bread as dark, compact, and as filled with various crunchy ingredients as is humanly possible. I grieve that they were out of our favourite loaves as we were stocking up just before leaving Sweden last Sunday: football-shaped buns that you could probably cause serious injury to thy neighbour with. Mmmmmmm.

I’m soon going to go out and gather some material for a sidebar about this cultural clash for Foodwire, but first, I have to sit here at my desk at home and wait for the stomach medicine I just took to start working – because all those white loaves of clouds-in-a-crust are causing my stomach to object loudly. AND I have to use my bicycle today because the Mrs is away with the car… that’s not something you want to do when your innards are in uproar.

Oh, send me an edible tree-trunk any minute. -groan-


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