OK, OK, I confess. I have fallen for the trend and have now set up shop on Facebook, thus ading to the growing number of employees who are tempted to administer their private Facebook accounts during work hours. A practice which has already prompted several companies to block internet access to the site.

Interestingly enough, I just discovered that one of those is the EU. I mean, I can’t vouch for the accessibility among staff, but here in the Commission’s press room, you cannot reach Facebook even when using your own computer.

Either there has been so much private surfing among staff that the Commission had to do something about it and extended the ban to the Press network by mistake, or I ought to be touched by the EU’s concern for the time efficiency of the media companies we journalists work for.

So, we’ll just have to get to do some real work, then. In an hour, Commissioner Verheugen is to hold a joint press conference about security, but since we are kept busy working, I expect one or two to have thought out some entertaining questions about Günter Verheugen’s active love life instead (see previous post).

Ho hum, this may be very entertaining.


5 Responses to “Fa(r)cebook”

  1. letters Says:

    Farcebook – I like that. I signed up and don’t know what to do with it. Having now taken a closer look, it seems so geared to the teenage crowd, it doesn’t make sense to me why adults would even pay attention to it.
    – ian in hamburg

  2. The Boss Says:

    Finally a clever decision from the EU people! Just get on with your work. 😉
    Personally, I feel slightly terrified of the Facebook syndrome. I have a strong feeling it will eat me whole if i give it as much as a finger nail…

  3. jonathan Says:

    OK *Boss*, I get the message…

  4. patrick Says:

    Facebook dictators!
    Stand down. Relax. Get a life.
    If people are spending time on facebook then there is not enough work to be done, and that’s not their fault, but yours, the top managers and GM.
    Think about it.

  5. Kosta Says:

    Companies blocking off facebook access?! I wander who could be paying them, mmm?

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