Selling Belgium By The Euro

The recent political crisis in Belgium has prompted journalist Gerrit Six to put the entire country up for sale on eBay – as a whole, or in parts.

“Beware of the EUR 300m pubc debt”, Mr Six warned, but received offers of EUR 10m, before eBay withdrew the listing.

Meanwhile, the Belgian gambling watchdog is trying to make gambling company Unibet to stop its bet on when the country will finally have a new government, 101 days into the crisis. It’s illegal, the Kansspelcommissie argues, because Belgian law forbids betting on “events”, save for sports and horse racing. However, they have not yet succeeded in persuading Unibet that the crisis is in fact an “event”, so the betting continues with the highest odds against the country having a new government in place before the turn of the month (25 to 1). The lowest odds, reflecting the general mood of gloom before the task, is on the latest of the alternative dates – December 1.

But by then, there may not be any more Belgium, and hence no Belgian law under which to prosecute Unibet. Something says me that Unibet is gambling on that.

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