And The Eyes Of The World Are Watching Now

The EU Commission, the EU Presidency and the Council of Europe today spoke out as united against the death penalty under all circumstances.

“Death penalty is against human dignity. We want to give visibility to the efforts of the many Non-Governmental Organisations and individuals who strive, day after day, towards the abolition of the death penalty”, said EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso, while Commission Vice President Franco Frattini added:

“The death penalty is a wild and revengeful parody of justice. Today, we can affirm with pride that death penalty has no place within the European model and confirm our commitment to promote universal abolition”.

I have two words for this: “Hear, hear”.

For those of you so inclined, I will add a fill-out-the-blank from Amnesty’s web site: “In 2004, 97 per cent of all known executions took place in China, Iran, the Viet Nam and” … which country?

I leave that to you to figure out, as well as the answer to the question whether or not that has been efficient in deterring crime in that country, compared to crime rates in other similar countries with no capital punishment.


One Response to “And The Eyes Of The World Are Watching Now”

  1. Root'n Toot'n Says:

    The Republic of Texas?

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