The winter vomiting disease is over us or so I hear from various parts of the Northern Hemisphere. I am not surprised one whit.

After all, how often do you see people washing their hands after using public lavatories? Public, that is, which are usually dirtier than the ones you have at home. And then the current trend is to sell everything without packaging – especialy food, so the same hands which were just performing various bodily duties then go to digging around among naked lettuces, tomatoes or – as was the case with the one elderly gentleman I once saw performing something between swiming movements and archaeological excavations among them – spinach leaves.

When you have dug out your own fruit or veg, where all left bacteria have happily fermented during the days they have stayed in the shop – at room temperature – while being liberally sprayed by sneezing fellow customers, you then place them bagless in your shopping cart, the health benefits of which I have generously elaborated on in this previous blog post (clicking the image to the right will also get you there). Say no more.

And oh yes, I forgot, let’s swing by the burger bar on our way home (after digging around among pocket residue and perhaps left but used Kleenexes for your car keys), and eat some food with our bare hands just in case the bacterial labs you have just stuffed into your grocery bags doesn’t do the trick.

It’s more of a mystery to me that we actually manage to stay as healthy as we do.

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