It’s Time To Learn Slovenia’s Top Domain

In 28 days, Slovenia will take over the rotating presidency of the European Union for the firs six months of 2008 – and for the first time ever, since Slovenia has only been a member of the EU for 1,311 days as we speak. Time then to start learning some basic facts about this often forgotten country – such as what its Internet top level domain (TLD) is.

The presidencies usually set up web sites with information on current events, calendars of meetings, press accreditations, and of course a little marketing of their country, using the legend http://www.euYEAR.TLD That is, the current Portuguese presidency’s web site, for the last half of 2007, is found at, where “pt” of course is the TLD for Portugal.

Today, I was going online looking for the Slovenian presidency site, which of course would be found at http://www.eu2008 something. But what on Earth is the TLD for Slovenia?

My deepest apologies to any Slovenians reading this, but you must bear with those of us whose school atlases did not contain your country or any reference to it when we last studied geography. And to make things more complicated, your doubtlessly fine nation became independent roughly around the same time as Slovakia did. Slovenia, Slovakia, sorry to say, fo those of us who have visited neither, confusions are bound to happen. (Especially those of us who seem to have a gerontological mental age, argghh.)

In fact, there is a probability that many Europeans – not to mention non-Europeans – will have little clue where Slovenia is. After all, can anybody name any Slovenian celebs? The name of the Prime Minister? Any cities?

I quite agree with The Economist, which pointed out in this blog post that the rotating EU Presidency after all does have some advantages for smaller countries to get some publicity they would otherwise not achieve. Let’s hope that Slovenia will be able to lure some interest over to itself during the next few months.

So, I finally found the Slovenian Presidency’s site; the TLD is .si, so you can take a sneak peek at what Slovenia will have to offer the EU at  They have, thankfully, refrained from placing music on their site,. as the Portuguese did, which is seriously irritating when you are surfing among other people and suddenly your computer goes off blasting sounds all over the place – and you can’t turn it off because the Portuguese had managed to hide the volume control at the far bottom of the page.

However, can anybody tell me what that amoeba for a logo is supposed to be??


3 Responses to “It’s Time To Learn Slovenia’s Top Domain”

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  3. Stewart Engelman DNI Services Says:

    Ahhh, yet another TLD to learn. Pretty soon it will be impossible to find anything 😦

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