Swedish Paedophile Scandal: At Least Something Is Happening

There is some hope after all. The Swedish paedophile scandal that I wrote about yesterday may lead to some sort of investigation after all.

The Swedish Chancellor of Justice (JK), Göran Lambertz, will open an inquiry into why there was no there was no legal charges raised for abuse or minors when the scandal was first exposed 30 years ago, the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation’s radio news reports. This follows the allegations in the compensation claim from the legal representative of the two former child prostitutes, 14 at the time, that there was reason to prosecute the girls’ customers but that this was waived due to political concerns.

If I am right, this means that the JK will have to look closer into exactly which factual basis there is that former Prime ministers such as Olof Palme and Thorbjörn Fälldin were in fact among these customers. I sincerely hope that the JK will do so, and that there will be a thorough, total and impartial investigation.

The latter is more difficult than it seems, beause Sweden is a small country where anyone in top official positions quickly find themselves entangled by various bonds of loyalty to other top-ranking officials, simply because the circuits people move in at such levels are so small that a creation of a close-knit establishment is inevitable. Moreover, Olof Palme was all but canonized  in Sweden after his murder, and still holds an immaculate position where very few serious attempts have been made to unveil the semi-official and rumoured darker sides of his legacy.

But let us hope that the JK takes his mission seriously – and puts the well-being of the girls first.


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