Swimming Pool Monster

One of the really great things about Belgian schools is that they teach the children to swim, with weekly swimming lessons from age six.

Our six-year-old is soon capable of swimming without support pads, I annouce proudly. But it has now occurred to him that it is possible to slip under the surface and drown, so, this morning, he was a bit afraid of today’s trip to the swimming pool.

We reassured him that there are guards trained to throw themselves into the water and help if anything bad happens and so on – and then his four-year-old brother decided he wanted to join in on the comforting as well, with the following helpful comment:

“Don’t be afraid, its just the sea monster”.


2 Responses to “Swimming Pool Monster”

  1. The Boss Says:

    Actually, they do that in Swedish schools too. At least if you live in the right place. THE right place, that is. I think our council is the only one in Sweden to invest tax money in this.

  2. Stew B. Ready Says:

    We were staying at Hotel California ( Think Mickey) one sunny afternoon enjoying the pool. My 8 year old came up to me and said “… Dad there is poop in the pool…” (slang for feces in the swimming area) I quickly went to the life guard and said “Turd Alert” he sputters What? and then the look of terror is expressed. Breep! he blows his whistle and clears the pool. What happened next is one of the few times i felt ashamed to be an American. They scooted all 48 of us, dripping wet, into this beautiful redwood and ferns type conference room and brought in room service carts of “call” booze wines, meats, cheeses, fruits, bagels all kinda merch on these tables and some nice tech finds as well. The mass of folks I saw were stuffing booze bottles and tee shirts like there was no tomorrow. We saw the spectical, had a few crackers with cheese and some wine and split. The rest of the stay i had these same people patting me on the back and buying me drinks for being some kind of whistle blower but hey, come one… e coli is a real health threat. Its my most recent pool story and sadly the truth.

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