Disgusted By The British Media

Rarely have I been so disgusted by the British media as I have today, and their betrayal is twofold.

To begin with, while the most appalling of unmentionable atrocities are being uncovered at a former orphanage in Jersey, the media chooses not to hunt down the perpeetrators still alive and do their job to investigate what exactly went on or how the authorities could let the cover-up continue FORTY YEARS. Who were the protectors in high places? Who of the highbrass were even involved? And who is going to go out and fight for the poor. poor small inocent chidren?

No, instead, the media is full of prince Harry’s days in Afghanistan.

There we have it: a Royal Life is more valuable than scores of abused ordinary children.

That would have bene enough to make me vomit as it is. But the second thing that makes my stomach turn today is the revelation that the British media has collectively agreed to a massive cover-up of the same prince’s deployments.

And they do not even have the decency to be ashamed of betraying their mission in such a way. Rather, they brag about it.

The obvious question is: What else is being covered up? What else has the media agreed to stay silent on, when its first, main, and last task is to report, disclose and reveal?

I most certainly disagree with the main argument against publishing the news that prince Harry had been sent to Afghanistan: that his life would be in danger. That may be true – but, sorry to say and putting it bluntly, that would be his own fault. Nobody is pointing a gun against his Royal Head and forcing him to go there. If the risks are too big, then by all means stay at home.

But what has happened his time is that somebody whose job it is to be in a public position, has decided to do something that he decides would not gain from media coverage, and has therefore had the media agree to his version and participate in a cover-up.

Am I the only one to see that this principle, once the line has been crossed, could easily be applied to yet another thing, and another, and another? What else wold the Royals like to do that doesn’t hold up to the daylight of publicity, that they would be able to persuade the media to stay silent about?

And why do the Holy Royals have such a privilege in today’s modern world, may I ask? Once again, is the Royal Life worth so much to my fellow Britons, that they are prepared to sell their souls for it?

Today, I feel disgusted to call myself a journalist. And a Briton.


2 Responses to “Disgusted By The British Media”

  1. derekt Says:

    Jonathon, you need to understand the system a bit better. It’s a committee, made up of armed & security services and editors, that decides what should be withheld, not some faceless bureaucrat. I’m no royalist (in fact, an anti) but I understand the problem was said to be not so much the Prince but his fellow soldiers that would be at extra risk. Take that as you may.

    Your main point is a good one, though. It seems the authorities in Jersey knew of the problems for a long time.: but they, the politicians, agreed to do nothing (no editors, no bureaucrats). And even the guy who made the issue public reckons he lost his ministerial job as a result.

    A stinking pot, with plenty more in there, I suspect.

  2. jonathan Says:

    Derekt, you need to understand journalism. No committee of extra-media forces of any kind decides what is to be published and not. Ever. The Editor takes that decision completely on his/her own. And has a responsibility to follow one simple rule: Publish and be damned. Everything else is a betrayal against his/her mission.

    If the prince’s fellow soldiers would be at risk, which I do not doubt (although you’d wonder exactly how the Taliban would know which unit they were supposed to fire all those extra bullets at), then it is up to the army leadership to take appropriate measures, eg. withdrawing him.

    NOT the media.

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