I just read that the EU is sending another EUR 5 million to Mauritania and several other countries in West Africa, to help against starvation. There is an ongoing shortage of food in the area, which is why the EU has already spent EUR 25 million on aid there.

However, the government of Mauritaina, as you may remember, recently sold its fishing rights in its waters – to the EU.

That means that the EU is first sending fishing boats – from the Baltic, of all places – to trawl up all the Mauritanian fish, and then sends financial aid to the same area because the Mauritanians – surprise, surprise – have nothing to eat.

Am I the only one seeing somethng fishy with this picture?

One Response to “Fishy”

  1. cilla h Says:

    It might actually be beneficial for Mauretania to sell fishing rights to the EU if Mauretania is better at producing other goods than fish and if fishing resources are sustainable in the long-run. The latter might be a problem if the EU is involved, EU fishermen and politicians are not exactly the best keepers of sustainable fisheries, most EU water are, as well known, overfished. But the problem of maintaining the fishery resources of Mauretania is a task for the Mauretanian government, and if I was in charge of fishery resources in Mauretania I would not ask the EU how to obtain sustainability. But, the main point is, Mauratanians could still have something, or even more, to eat, if they sell fishing rights and buy other food. There is nothing bad in selling fishing rights per se, even if you are hungry.

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