This Blog Is Closing

I regret to have to inform you readers that this blog will close, and that this is my final post.

The reason is that I will move to Sweden at the turn of the month for personal reasons. (No, nobody’s got sick, I haven’t lost my job, or anything like that). But while I will continue to cover EU related issues for Foodwire, I will not be present in the capital of Europe on any regular basis from July 2008 on.

Thank you to all of you who have read and even commented; it’s been a pleasant experience seeing how much response there has been after all – which surprised me, because the blogosphere is one crammed place in the virtual universe, and this blog started mainly as an experiment.

I will leave this blog up for some time, for any of you who would like some further reference reading, but eventually it will probably either be wiped or completely revamped. We will see what happens.

Once again, thank you all for your interest in my thoughts here. Hope we will see each other again soon.

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10 Responses to “This Blog Is Closing”

  1. Monika Stecher Says:

    Dear Johnathan
    It is a pity that you close this blog, for it was very eyeopening and fun at times!
    Blessings for your next step, for you family, take good care!!!

  2. derekt Says:

    Thanks for an interesting – and often quite different – view on Europe as seen from Brussels.

    I hope you and your family enjoy Sweden – our daughter really enjoyed her stay en-famille there with her pen-friend

  3. antoniainamerica Says:

    Good luck in Sweden! I’ve just left Brussels too. I thought the golden net had closed around me for ever – it’s good to get out for a bit and get a different view on the world.

  4. Lovisa Says:


    Indeed, it has been interesting reading!
    Kom på att jag inte vet var i Sverige ni tar vägen…

    You all have been such a great “support” during my time, this far, in Brussels and CTS. It has been so good to know that you guys have just been a phone call away 🙂 (even if we didn’t see eachother that often…)

    Nåväl, ta hand om er och varandra och så lär vi ses framöver!
    KRAMAR, Lovisa & Jack

  5. Lovisa Says:

    en sak till.. är ni inte jääättelångt från Mariannelund så tycker jag ni ska komma på bröllop den 30e augusti!
    /L & J

  6. kosmopolit Says:

    Thanks a lot for writing this blog! It was always a great pleasure reading it. The “EU- blogosphere” is loosing a very good writer that managed to write boring (but quite interesting!) things in a very entertaining way! Good luck with everything in the future!

  7. IT-mamman Says:

    Nä men… här kikar man in mot slutet av sommaren och vad får man se? Hoppas du startar en ny. Har man väl börjat blogga är det svårt att sluta…

  8. darwin Says:

    Be well and thanks for all your brilliant comments!

  9. Darius Says:

    maybe you can pass that blog to me?i’m looking for couple of existing blogs,i wiil remove your name, address will have to stay

  10. Marinkina Says:

    Да,aleks,побороть лень, действительно иногда очень сложно..

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