All You’d Like To Know About Jonathan

Mug Shot of the AuthorName: Jonathan Newton

Claim to blog fame:
EU and Foreign Correspondent for the Foodwire News Agency

Thanks, but I’ve already got one

Interests apart from blogging:
Music and theology

Interests apart from the above:

Interest paid this year:
Enough to keep the tax man busy

Kept busy by:
Didn’t I just say I have a job and a family?

Favourite music: My children’s laughter

Favourite sport:
Extreme Ironing

Favourite film:
Anything that sticks across my Tupperware

Favourite Tupperware: A blue one with a big lid

Favourite food:
Anything that survived being stuck in Tupperware

Why are you talking about Tupperware all the time:
I’m not, you started

No, I didn’t: Can we please just get on with it

Things you didn’t know about me, 1: I once fell asleep while riding a bicycle

Things you didn’t know about me, 2:
I survived by waking up as my foot slipped into the front wheel

Things you didn’t want to know about me: I am usually naked underneath my clothes

Things I’d like to bring to a remote island:
It’s ‘take’, not ‘bring’

Things I couldn’t be without:
Well, food, clothes, housing, shelter, air, water, sanitation, soap, toothbrush, glasses

Could you please shut up and answer the question properly: OK, a Bible, a guitar, pen and paper, and a decent cup of tea

Favourite tea:
Oxfam’s Fairtrade

Favourite Tupperware for storing tea: That’s it, I’ve had it with all this nagging about Tupperware, bye

19 Responses to “All You’d Like To Know About Jonathan”

  1. Claudia Says:

    Now Jonathan! Are you sure you are not receiving money from tupperware?

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