All information put forward on this blog exclusively reflects the opinions of the author, and the author alone, and should generally be considered the product of the warped and disordered mind of a lunatic. In no way should any of the raving, rambling gibberish on this blog be interpreted as any official or unofficial outlet for opinions from my employer (Foodwire), family, church, or any other entity or person with which I may or may not be associated.

(No, my boss didn’t ask me to write this, I promise. Just said it in case.)

However, since I’m too lazy making things up, all dissimilarities with real people, places or events are purely coincidental.

All images on this blog are either public domain or taken by the author. Taken, that is, as in the expression “take a picture”, not as in “taken from someone else” because they would not be public domain. Oh, you get the idea.

The author (I kinda like calling myself “author” by the way, doesn’t it sound posh?) accepts no liability of an legal kind of whatsoever for opinions put forward on this dimly-lit corner of the virtual universe. Not only because there is such a thing as freedom of speech, but, moreover, to save you the embarrasment of putting forward such ludicrous challenges, should you ever be so inclined, perish the thought.

One Response to “DISCLAIMER”

  1. Barnabas Nagy Says:

    Hey Jonathan! I read you will close this blog. Don’t you have a back-up file or something that we could still have in our hand as a rememberance or if we just want to read again those articles? If you have such you can send to my email, I will not consider it as spam : )

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