Why these pictures on the right side below?

Captions for the images in the right sidebar on this site (all pictures taken by me except where stated), from top to bottom:

My eyes, nose, glasses and eyebrows. Intentionally distorted picture.

Warped piece of EU flag. (EU Information Image, warped by me)

EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso as seen from journalists’ photo stage on his way on to attend EU Summit, December 2006.

My press accreditation badge for EU Summit, December 2006.

My workstation at EU Summit, December 2006. Underneath my lunch, that is, consisting of cheese and ham baguettes handed out for free to all the journalists (but which is also basically the only catering available).

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt (left) speaking into my microphone (the one on the stand just right of the water bottle with a big white ID box on it). Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt (right) is trying to think of what to say next.

Logo of the news agency I work for. (Official graphics)

Demonstration outside the EU Council’s building to raise awareness for the need for chickens to be let out of their tiny cages. (And onto my dinner plate, I cynically add).

Current EU member states. (Wikimedia Commons)

Berlaymont, in my vocabulary “the Berlaymonster”, the EU Commission’s main building at Rond Point Schumann, east central Brussels. The boat-shaped thingy on top of the right wing is where the Commissioners meet. Right under the middle blob with the orange sides is the main entrance. Dignitaries are wheeled in at the end of the left wing. (Wikimedia Commons)

The EU Council’s temporary meeting facilities in Luxemburg, in my vocabulary “the Luxembunker”, arguably one of the ugliest pieces of architecture ever achieved by mankind. In fierce competition, as it were.

The EU Commission’s press room as seen from one of the spokesmen’s pulpits. Note the built-in computer screen, in case of any sudden need for emergency prompting.

EU Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel trying to peddle fruit from one of those pulpits, apparently being in dire need of emergency prompting.

Main press centre at EU Summit, December 2006, temporarily set up in the Council building’s courtyard, as seen from my workstation.

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