It Took 50 Years To Come Up With What’s-His-Name

50 000 people gathered at the north Brussels monument Atomium this evening, to watch a major rock concert celebrating the European Union’s 50 years in existence. I was not one of them, because I was putting my kids to bed by the time it started. But together with my wife and viewers in 40 other countries, I was able to watch it on TV.

Without the parking hassle or having to stand outside in the drizzle all night, that is, but that’s beside the point.

Live Aid, Live 8, whatever you may call yourselves, eat this. Here’s a party that has been in the making for 50 years.

Consequently, we have been able to rejoice in a few hours’ entertainment headed by the cream of European artists.

Such as Kim look-at-my-latest-facelift Wilde, ThatGuyWhateverHisNameIs who spends his career informing us that he can’t make up his mind between “a little bit of Sandra in the sun” or “a little bit of Mary all night long”, and Las Ketchup.

It is on late and dark nights such as these that I have my most serious worries about Europe’s future.

3 Responses to “It Took 50 Years To Come Up With What’s-His-Name”

  1. humorousarts Says:

    Yes, when you think of ‘European’ music you think of heavy, clanky stuff like Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream or Focus – or am I showing my age?

  2. jonathan Says:

    Kraftwerk is underrated, but then again, a band with such a name might have triggered a long discussion about the EU’s policies on CO2 emissions. Besides, last I heard from them was that the remaining two had retreated indefinetly into the Kling Klang studio.
    Not that I am into poodle rock, but shouldn’t Europe (the band) have headlined? 🙂

  3. The Boss Says:

    Of course they should! “The Final Countdown” – how appropriate.

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